Bring Your Own Encryption to the Public Cloud

Multi-cloud data security and portability with centralized key management

Bring Your Own Encryption to the Public Cloud

Cloud data security might seem easy at first. Turning on the equivalent of full-disk encryption for a public cloud provider is simple. But it’s a multi-cloud world. Managing data security across multiple public clouds and different cloud storage options quickly gets complex. Thales eSecurity offers advanced multi-cloud Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE) tools to secure your data and reach compliance rapidly and effectively.

Bring Your Own Encryption to the Public Cloud

Thales eSecurity Bring Your Own Encryption Framework

Most cloud service and leading encryption providers use the same encryption technique: Advanced Encryption Standard, or AES. However, encrypting data is only a starting point. To truly protect your data you need to consider the threats you’re protecting against, managing encryption keys and access controls across multiple cloud providers.

Compared to the native encryption solutions available from cloud providers, Thales eSecurity BYOE gives you higher confidence that your data is secure and that you are in compliance with mandates by delivering:

What’s the Latest in Bring Your Own Encryption?

We’ve expanded our BYOE solutions for Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure! Vormetric Transparent Encryption can now protect AWS S3 and Azure Files. Visit the web page to see how!

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